At Chengzhu Mandarin Centre, we spark children’s interest in studying Chinese from the start: key to becoming effective and confident speakers, readers and writers. The combination of a holistic approach to learning, interactive activities, skilful educators, and a positive environment, brings language alive for every child, igniting their passion for Mandarin.

28 Nov to 3 Dec 2023

Time: 9.00am – 6.00pm

Open House includes a free trial session for the programmes listed.
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PlayNest | 6 months – 18 months

Babies and toddlers absorb Mandarin naturally as they enjoy a series of high energy language-rich activities along with their accompanying adult. PlayNest lays the best foundations for future learning.


PlayClub |
18 months – 3 years

PlayClub’s specialist educators encourage toddlers to explore in increasingly independent ways whilst nurturing their developing cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills. Children absorb key concept words and phrases through stories, puppets, drama activities, art and craft, and songs. PlayClub is a dynamic learning experience for both children and adults!


Language Learners |
Nursery 1 – Kindergarten 2

At each level, children enjoy tasks that develop the four components of language learning – speaking, listening, reading and writing. Activities such as drama, storytelling, music and movement, art and craft and reading aloud, engage children’s imaginations and creativity as they master writing Chinese characters and eventually full sentences.


Language Skills |
Primary 1 – Primary 4

Language Skills employs an array of engaging activities that include storytelling, science experiments, picture comprehension, and dynamic reading and writing practice, to fuel primary students’ passion for communicating in Mandarin.  As children at each level master the use of expressive vocabulary, pronunciation and cadence, plus increasingly complex sentence structures, they will learn to appreciate the intricacies of the language and enjoy using it in all areas of life.


Creative Writing |
Primary 1 – Primary 4

Generating a deep understanding of the essential elements of spoken Mandarin and Chinese script, this programme uses a range of strategies to develop students’ creative and expressive abilities, enabling them to create their own works of literature. As students apply their new found skills imaginatively, the result is noticeably more expressive, competent and confident speech and writing.

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Ask an expert

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