Language Skills华语全能班

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Primary 1 to Primary 4
Schedule: 2 hour sessions, once per week

Our Language Skills programme supports students in reaching the standards expected for the Singapore Ministry of Education’s primary school Mandarin curriculum.

Each level of the programme focuses on developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through a variety of dynamic and age-appropriate teaching methods.

The programme includes

Stories are presented by the teacher and explored through drama, writing and multi-media activities, developing listening skills, creativity and expressive skills.

Oral language activities
Through discussions, designing story plots and narration, children develop their oral communication skills and confidence in speaking in Mandarin.

Picture comprehension
The skills of being able to describe pictures in a structured manner while using rich, vivid language are developed.

Vocabulary is enhanced and linguistic knowledge is developed through reading activities.

Children learn how to create and develop dialogue and use a variety of styles of writing, sentence structures and idioms.

This programme enables children to progressively add colour and depth to their existing Mandarin communication skills. As they master the use of expressive vocabulary, pronunciation and cadence, and increasingly complex sentence structures, they learn to appreciate the intricacies of the language and enjoy using it in all areas of life.

What Parents Say About Us


My 9-year-old son started his journey with Chengzhu at the age of 5, when we enrolled him in the Chengzhu Holiday Programme. As we are an English-speaking family, we were delightfully surprised to hear our son independently read a simple Chinese story book, for the very first time, after attending the 5-day Holiday Programme. Since then, we enrolled him in the Language Skills programme and have seen remarkable progress – his vocabulary has expanded significantly, his ability to comprehend, write and speak the language has also improved tremendously.

We are truly grateful to the dedicated teachers, who exhibit genuine care and concern for each child, fostering a sense of trust and confidence between teacher, parent and student. The teachers create an atmosphere of encouragement and enthusiasm, which motivates the children to actively participate in class. The lessons are thoughtfully designed to incorporate various learning tools, such as games, drama and interactive exercises, to reinforce learning of the Chinese language.
The dedication, expertise, and passion of the teachers, combined with the well-designed curriculum and nurturing environment, have undoubtedly contributed to my son's outstanding progress and top scores in Primary School weighted assessments.

Mother of Parent of Primary 3 Language Skills student, Lionel Goh 昌睿

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