A Dramatically Different Learning Experience

Empowering learners through a dramatically different education in Mandarin.


Every connection we make is precious. It is a bond we deeply respect and value. Be it with children, parents or colleagues, we are committed to each other. Always learning and growing together as one Chengzhu family.


Like true artistes, we dedicate ourselves in delivering only our very best. And each day we challenge ourselves to be even better.


Like bamboo, our deep, strong roots give us the ability to be flexible, adaptable and ready for anything the future brings. A successful balance between a deep respect for ancient Chinese culture and a forward-looking curriculum stands Chengzhu apart.


By caring for each other, our environment and our work, we create a place where each individual can flourish. At Chengzhu, everyone is safe in the knowledge that they will be nurtured and encouraged, with all efforts being appreciated.

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Ask an expert

We have been teaching Mandarin in Singapore for over 20 years and have much experience in supporting parents and children in all aspects of language learning.
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