PlayClub for Toddlers & Preschoolers华语游戏俱乐部

PROGRAMME | Early Learning Programmes

18 Months – 3 Years
Schedule: 2 hour sessions, twice per week

Every activity in PlayClub is designed to cultivate an enjoyment of language, allowing children aged between 1½ and 3 years to comprehend and assimilate what they see, hear and experience more effectively.

Children are introduced to key concept words and phrases and the natural rhythm of Standard Mandarin through stories, puppets, drama activities, art and craft, songs and healthy snacks. The theme-based curriculum of our enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore provides a host of experiences which build co-ordination and dexterity, encourage independent behaviour and thinking, and nurture a curiosity for acquiring language.

What happens in PlayClub?

Creative art and craft
Fine motor skills are developed and senses are stimulated as children discover news ways of expressing themselves.

Stories, speech and language games, puppet shows
The imagination is stimulated as children develop their interest in Mandarin and build the foundations for speaking and thinking in the language.

Music and rhythmic work, movement games
Children learn to appreciate and enjoy the sounds, melody and rhythm of language through music and movement.

Free and imaginative play
Children develop gross motor skills, confidence, independence and social interaction.

Snack time
Children learn the names of different types of food, healthy eating habits, turn-taking and social skills of dining with others.

Character recognition activities
Children acquire pre writing, pre reading and pre number skills.

What Parents Say About Us


‘宝宝从八个月大就开始在成竹上课, 至今已有一年多. 成竹的老师们非常有经验与孩子们互动, 也很花心思在准备教材, 从而增强了孩子们对华语的兴趣. 我的宝宝非常喜欢到成竹上华语课.’

Nikki, Parent of PlayClub student, Dione Koh

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Ask an expert

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