Creative Writing for Kids创意写作

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Primary 1 to Primary 4
Schedule: 2 hour sessions, once per week

Our Creative Writing programme draws on a series of stimulating strategies and techniques which enable children in Primary 1-4 to understand and enjoy using essential elements of spoken Mandarin and Chinese script.

The programme uses a range of strategies to stimulate each child’s creative thinking, enabling them to create their own works of literature. They learn to use language imaginatively, resulting in colourful and confident speech and writing.

The programme includes

Vocabulary building
Developing awareness of Mandarin words and phrases through games and character recognition activities.

Literature and picture analysis
Discussions about the structure, meaning and emotions behind stories, poems and pictures.

Oral composition
Activities to enable children to organise and express their thoughts fluently in Mandarin while developing their confidence in oral communication

Children develop their ability to think and write creatively and express themselves in written form, structuring different types of text effectively.

What Parents Say About Us



Grace, Parent of Primary 2 Creative Writing student, Chairo Tan 凯了


My daughter's confidence in speaking and reading Mandarin improved tremendously since she started learning at Chengzhu in k1. She enjoys the classes as it is fun with opportunities for her to play, dramatise the stories, and learn new words and sentences, allowing her to express herself with a much larger vocabulary. Liu laoshi can identify her strengths and areas of improvement, provides regular feedback and challenges her to push her boundaries while ensuring her foundation in chinese remains firm. We look forward to more classes with Chengzhu so she may grow to appreciate and love the language.

Wendy Pang, Parent of Primary 2 Creative Writing student, Anya Wong

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