Stories from the Voice-Over Studio配音室的故事

PROGRAMME | Holiday Programmes

Primary 3 and 4 | Language Skills

WEEK 2 | 7 December to 11 December 2020

Schedule: 9.00 am – 11.30 am
1.30 pm – 4.00 pm

Have you ever imagined yourself as a scriptwriter, director or voice actor for an animation movie? Now is your opportunity as we create our own special Chengzhu voice-over studio.

Taking a clever little mole who visits the zoo, along with the elephants, monkeys, ostriches, lions and tortoises he meets, as the plot line for our story, we will devise the dialogue, music and dramatic effects to develop an oscar-worthy animated feature. Students will work together brainstorming ideas, as they develop problem solving, critical thinking and creative skills, with plenty of opportunities to employ more expressive and sophisticated language in Mandarin.

Cost: $540 + GST
*10% discount for UOB Credit and Debit Cardmembers
*15% Group Discount for 4 or more children who register at the same time

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        同学们, 你们知道什么是配音室吗? 在那里, 可以给动画片里的小动物配音。

        一只聪明的小鼹鼠走进动物园后, 遇到了大象、猴子、鸵鸟、狮子和乌龟, 发生很多有趣的故事。我们一起来开动脑筋, 设计对白、配上音乐、加入戏剧效果, 让动画片

        通过本次假期活动, 激发学生们的想象力、创造力, 培养团队合作的 能力, 从中体会到集体活动的乐趣。

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