Nocturnal Animals: A World of Discovery夜行动物真忙碌

PROGRAMME | Holiday Programmes

Primary 3 and 4 | Language Skills

Schedule: 1.30 pm – 4.00 pm

Did you know that nocturnal animals have very sharp vision and a strong sense of smell? As people fall asleep at night these animals start to get very busy. But what are they doing and where do they go? We’re excited to find out. Join us as we transform ourselves into nocturnal animals and experience the dream-like wonders of the forest at night!

Using drama as the basis of their investigations, as well as factual texts, students will explore the natural sciences to learn more about nocturnal animals. Guided by our talented educators, they will create an original drama, and produce and perform their own shadow play with handmade props. To top off this thrilling week of discovery, a visit to the Singapore Zoo Night Safari will enable students to put their learning into context and their language skills into practice.

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        同学们,你们知道所有的夜行动物都视觉敏锐,嗅觉发达吗?到了夜晚,当我们在睡觉的时候,夜行动物就开始热火朝天地忙碌了,它们到底在做什么呢?让我们化身夜行动物, 一起去体验夜晚森林的奇妙和梦幻!


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