Mysterious Nocturnal Animals

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Mysterious Nocturnal Animals

Language Skills | Primary 3 – 4 | 9 years – 10 years

Rochester Mall: 9.00 am – 11.30 am | 1.30 pm – 4.00 pm

During the quiet of night, nocturnal creatures creep out while we are sleeping. What do they do? Where do they go? Wouldn’t it be amazing to find out! Imagine what it might be like to be an animal exploring the hours of darkness. Join us for this exciting and creative holiday programme when we will take a nocturnal adventure together!

This is a great opportunity for primary students to explore the world of natural science, discovering interesting facts about the behaviour and habitat of nocturnal wildlife. Putting their knowledge, interests and artistry to task, they will then create their own shadow puppets and script a drama performance to perform at the end of the week. In addition to exploring their individual creativity, students will discover the benefits of working together as a group, sharing ideas and expanding their Mandarin communication skills.

A mysterious night-time world awaits. We hope you’ll join us for the adventure.

        到了晚上, 夜深人静, 当我们在睡觉的时候, 夜行动物都出来了。你们想知道它们都在做什么吗? 让我们化身夜行动物, 一起去体验夜晚的奇妙和梦幻!

        课程中老师和学生一起分享自然科学、参与皮影戏的手工制作及表演, 呈现精彩的戏剧演出。

        快来吧, 我们就要出发了!

$540 + GST

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