Kaka’s Powerful Teeth

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Kaka’s Powerful Teeth

Language Learners | Nursery 1 and 2 | 3 years – 4 years

Forum: 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm   Rochester Mall: 9.00 am – 11.00 am | 11.30 am – 1.30 pm

Kaka is a small forest animal, with strong teeth, who loves to help others. But what exactly is Kaka’s special talent that enables him to help so many of his animal friends? Let’s find him and ask!

In this literacy-focused holiday programme for nursery level children we will explore Chinese language in creative ways that encourage listening and speaking skills. Children will absorb vocabulary naturally by diving into storybooks and playing fun word games – excellent ways to strengthen their memory and powers of observation too! They will practise using the language they learn during drama and create their own little storybook to take home at the end of the week.

         树林有只小动物, 它的名字叫“卡卡”。“卡卡”非常愿意帮助其他小动物, 所以交了很多朋友。那它有什么本领能帮助那么多的朋友呢? 我们一起去找它问

        欢迎小朋友们来参加我们的假期课程, 老师会和大家分享有趣的华文故事, 通过字卡游戏丰富孩子的华文词汇, 在有趣的戏剧表演中练习用华语进行表达。小朋友还会自己动手做一本属于自己的故事书, 带回去和家人分享。

$430 + GST

*10% discount for UOB Credit and Debit Cardmembers
*15% Group Discount for 4 or more children who register at the same time

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