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The combination of our dedicated teaching team, quality established curriculum and joyful, holistic learning environment, ensures that children build strong Mandarin language skills and develop a respectful understanding of Chinese culture.

Your child’s Mandarin journey starts here with our early learning programmes that build strong foundations for listening, speaking, reading and writing. 


For children aged 6 months to 18 months (accompanied by an adult)
1½ hour session, twice a week (weekday)

PlayNest is the perfect start to your childs language learning journey. We play and laugh together in an environment bursting with colour, creativity and care. What better way to develop a strong foundation for loving Mandarin?

From the moment you enter our cheerful, cosy and developmentally equipped studios, PlayNest takes you on a dynamic journey of curiosity, discovery and learning. Activities are designed to be hands-on, interactive, highly stimulating and always enjoyable. PlayNest ensures infants, caregivers and teachers all have fun together!


For children aged 18 months to 3 years (accompanied by an adult)
2 hour session, twice a week (weekday)

Every activity in PlayClub is specially designed to cultivate enjoyment of language, allowing plenty of opportunities for each child to emulate what they observe and assimilate their experiences effectively.

PlayClub is fun and dynamic from beginning to end! Our lively teachers spark childrens imaginations through stories, puppets, drama activities, art and craft and songs; interactive activities that help children learn key concept words and phrases and to absorb the natural rhythm of Standard Mandarin. PlayClubs theme-based curriculum provides toddlers with lots of opportunities to explore independently, encouraging autonomous behaviour, thinking and creativity and a natural curiosity for acquiring language.

Language Learners

Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2
1½ hour session, once a week

In this programme, engaging activities including drama, storytelling, music and movement, art and craft, and writing practice make developing competency in the four components of language learning (speaking, listening, reading and writing) a fun and enjoyable process.

Key elements of the programme:

  • Speaking: Games, conversation activities, rhymes, poems, drama and role-play exercises help children develop their confidence in speaking, discussing and expressing themselves in Mandarin.
  • Listening: Stories and idioms are read and dramatised by our teachers, expanding childrens imaginations, vocabulary and understanding of language. Some stories are further explored through drama and writing activities.
  • Reading: Children learn to recognise Chinese characters, moving on to building their ability to answer questions for reading comprehension tests.
  • Writing: Children learn to write Chinese characters, mastering the sequence of strokes. They then move on to constructing sentences, creating stories and developing their ability to express themselves in written form. 

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Ask an expert

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