We are American, so initially I started Julian in English PlayNest, before he progressed to Mandarin PlayClub. He loved all the active play and interaction. He genuinely developed an understanding of the language and basic speech, even though there is no Mandarin in our home. In fact, I was so thrilled with the Mandarin programme that for last term, Julian attended Mandarin PlayClub four times a week!
- Lisa Caviello, Mother of Julian in Mandarin PlayClub

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Mandarin Enrichment Programmes | Chengzhu Mandarin Centre
Motivating holiday programmes

Mandarin Holiday Programmes

28th November to 2nd December 2016

The end of term doesn’t mean the end of learning!

Our November / December holiday programmes ensure children’s interest in hearing, speaking, reading and writing Mandarin continues.

Every programme is bursting with creative, fun and inspirational activities for children from 6 months to 9 years old.

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Motivating holiday programmes

A Truly Mandarin Kindergarten Open Now!

After years of working with preschool children, Chengzhu launched the Chengzhu Mandarin Kindergarten in January 2016. This offers a 4-hour programme from Nursery One to Kindergarten Two in a language-rich environment. From Kindergarten One the children have an hour of English a day, ensuring they are well prepared for the requirements of primary school. It is designed to enhance children’s holistic learning experience and their confidence, not only in Mandarin, but also in their own ability to learn and contribute.

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