The Careless Little Bat

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The Careless Little Bat

Chinese Cultural Arts | Nursery 1 and 2 | 3 years – 4 years

Rochester Mall: 9.00 am – 11.00 am | 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Little Bat lives happily in the forest with his mother. Although he is very clever, he is often careless. One day, whilst playing with his friends – Little Swallow, Little Duckling, Little Frog and Little Bee – Little Bat decides he wants to learn each of their skills. There’s one problem though, Little Bat just can’t take things seriously enough! Oh dear! Can you help Little Bat improve?

Our unique Chinese Cultural Arts programme for young preschoolers cultivates an understanding of Chinese culture through dynamic stories, lively dance routines, nursery rhymes and traditional ink painting. Every activity is designed to immerse your child in the richness of Chinese, honing their listening skills, increasing their understanding of language in context, and building their confidence to speak in Mandarin.

        小蝙蝠和妈妈住在森林里快乐地生活着。小蝙蝠很聪明, 可是做起事来总是粗心大意、马马虎虎的。有一天它出门玩,遇到小燕子、小鸭子、小青蛙、小蜜蜂, 想向它们学习本领, 可是, 它不够认真,什么也没有学会。你能去帮帮小蝙蝠吗?

        华族文化艺术课通过有趣的故事, 活泼的舞蹈律动, 押韵的儿歌, 传统的水墨画, 培养儿童对华族文化的热爱, 增强听说华语的兴趣和能力。

$440 + GST

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