Intrepid Treasure Hunters勇敢的猎人

PROGRAMME | Holiday Programmes

Primary 1 and 2 | Language Skills

WEEK 1 | 30 November to 4 December 2020

Schedule: 9.00 am – 11.30 am
1.30 pm – 4.00 pm

Have you ever been on a treasure hunt? Did you search for clues, solve riddles and discover untold secrets along the way? Join us as we follow a brave treasure hunter, travel deep into the forest in search of ancient hieroglyphs, and uncover hidden mysteries from the past.

Early primary students are in for a treat! They will enjoy learning about hieroglyphics, master standardised text structure, practise correct writing methods, and experience the joy of Chinese when they put all their new found skills into creating original dramas. Performing their pieces will help them to grow in self-confidence, improve their expressive speaking skills and leave them with a valuable sense of achievement.

Cost: $540 + GST
*10% discount for UOB Credit and Debit Cardmembers
*15% Group Discount for 4 or more children who register at the same time

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        谁玩过 “寻宝” 的游戏? 你们要一起去找一找森林里到底都藏了什么吗? 这个假期, 我们将跟着一位勇敢的猎人进行一次惊险刺激的森林探险, 寻找神秘的象形文字。

        同学们将会了解到更多的象形文字, 掌握规范的文字结构和正确的书写方式, 并在戏剧表演中体会运用华文的乐趣, 提高口语表达能力。

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